Southern Maine is known for its plethora of excellent dining and food options. We especially love Old Orchard Beach restaurants and the foodies who frequent them, both locals and visitors to our lovely Maine beach town.

Here are some best in Old Orchard local dining options, from decadent snacks to Maine staples (yes, we’re talking about our state’s vaunted lobster roll).

Pier Fries! A must! A “seasonal walk-up joint for American grub,” Pier French Fries are made with New England potatoes and come in three sizes: cup, pint, or box. Stick with the ever-popular ketchup and/or salt-and-vinegar, but our hearts are set on the poutine every time (fries topped with cheddar cheese curds and hot beef gravy). Yum!

Maine-Style Lobster Roll: Best we can tell, the real, traditional Maine lobster roll is served with heaps of lobster meat, cold, tossed in mayonnaise with a little salt and lemon. We keep it simple here because the lobster here in southern Maine is so fresh and good! Learn more about the in’s & out’s of the Maine-style lobster roll in this <well-studied guide to Maine lobster rolls by The Flavor Bender>.

Candy For Days! Dickinson’s Candy Factory is stocked to the brim with all manners of sugary, sweet goodness. All the bases are covered here, from fudge to taffy and caramels, kettle corn, even ice cream in cones coated in sprinkles, and don’t forget caramel-covered local apples come autumn-time.

Pier Life: There’s so much going on here, it’s the heart of our community here in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and a favorite for all of our lovely visitors (that’s you and we’re glad to have you!). The Pier in Old Orchard Beach has multiple restaurants and the nightlife to go along with them. Here’s more of what you need to know about <visiting the Old Orchard Beach Pier>.