While known as a fun-filled family destination by visitors from around the world, Old Orchard Beach Maine nightlife is its own animal. From party hard on the beach to taking skips in a wine cafe, there is absolutely something for everyone when it comes to nightlife in Old Orchard Beach Maine.

Party On The Beach!

Kick off the night at the Pier Patio Pub with a traditional Maine lobster roll and a beer or glass of wine, all the while looking at the ocean through cracks in the roughly planked floor.

Stay on the beach and enjoy the beachfront ambience at Pirates Patio and Galley. Enjoy bar food and cocktails, and if you see an old, crusty, seagoing Mainer, ask’em how the “Widow Maker” got to her present perch.

Get your outdoor bar party on at The Brunswick, the largest patio amongst all Old Orchard Beach Maine nightclubs. The food here is okay, but it’s really all about partying and dancing with a bunch of your new best friends.

Surf 6 is another excellent choice for on-the-beach libations. It’s low key and easy, a great place to sit back, converse, and enjoy a couple of drinks.

The Shack is set on the beach in an old, two-story cottage and the deck out back is the real star. A glass of wine here goes really well with lounging out back and watching the waves roll in.

Sophisticated: Wine, Food & Conversation

Big Daddy’s Bar and Grill offers straightforward new American cuisine, incorporating local and seasonal ingredients, as well as cuisines from around the world. And that Bloody Mary is the best, FYI.

Channel the shores of old Ireland at O’Leary’s, an Irish pub with traditional Irish fare and the best pint of Guinness you’ll get in southern Maine.

Sidle up to the bar at Myst Oceanside Restaurant and Lounge and dip into a cold local microbrew or, better yet, have a Narragansett Beer, New England’s answer to PBR. It won’t make you a hipster, but it does go down easy on a hot day.

Dance All Night

The Top of the Pier Night Club regularly hosts some of the best DJ’s in New England during the spring and summer. This is the perfect place to dance…all…night!

You can dance…and you can sing…at Weekend at Bernie’s Beach Club. With DJ’s, dancing AND karaoke, this is a must-stop late-night stop amongst all the Old Orchard Beach Maine night clubs.